Crypto Mining in GIBX IPFS

Since the birth of Bitcoin, mining has been one of the most important parts of the encryption field. Whether it is the computing power mining of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the PoS hedge mining that is gradually emerging today, or the liquidity mining of GIBX IPFS, mining is a key mode that supports the continuous operation of the encryption field.

Mining is not only important but also the most obvious and most important part of the entire encryption field to generate revenue. According to the current BTC rewards of 6.25 per block, assuming the price is calculated at US$18,000, one year’s mining revenue can be close to US$6 billion; while ETH is calculated based on the current new volume and the price is calculated at US$550. The annual mining revenue is about 2.7 billion U.S. dollars; according to the current release of tokens, Filcoin releases about 121.8 million in the first year. Assuming the GIBX IPFS price is 30 US dollars, the annual mining income is about 3.6 billion US dollars. The overall annual revenue of the above three mining markets exceeds 11 billion U.S. dollars.

Of course, taking into account the price factor and the release factor of additional issuance of GIBX IPFS, the overall annual income will increase or decrease according to market changes. Even so, judging from the current scale, we can feel the magnitude of the computing power mining market, which is extremely attractive.

GIBX IPFS joint mining mechanism

Mode highlights;

During the event, the first 5000 T computing power packs will be available for purchase, which is equivalent to only a mere 10 million U.S. dollars equivalent.

The quota is limited, first come first served!

Users who have successfully purchased the computing power package of GIBX IPFS will be rewarded with a rebate of 8% of the entire computing power pool based on the percentage of their respective hedged computing power in the computing power pool. The model logic is strict, there are no loopholes, and there is no negative allocation ratio. There is no such thing as a bubble. Through this buying mechanism, platform users strive to become the top miner with the largest contribution to the entire computing power pool. Get up to 8% of the miner’s maintenance fee rebate for the entire computing power pool, purchase GIBX IPFS computing power at a lower cost, and mine FIL coins.

The miners who successfully purchase will directly reward the 8% miner maintenance fee rebate of the entire computing power pool according to their contribution value POS (Proof of Stake). At the same time, they will also purchase GIBX IPFS computing pool, mine FIL coins, and obtain multiples of income that exceed expectations.


The encryption field is iterating almost every day, and the cloud computing power mining market is no exception. With the development of smart contracts in GIBX IPFS, there are opportunities to build a gradually decentralized cloud computing power mining market through methods such as NFT, DAO, mutual insurance, smart contract fund release, and token incentive mechanisms, so as to achieve transparent revenue and transferable computing. The power market not only lowers the threshold for ordinary users to participate in computing power mining but also solves the problem of user trust, which has the opportunity to expand the market scale and reshape the cloud computing power mining industry in GIBX IPFS.

The GIBXChange and GIBX IPFS mining pool cloud computing power will start the first wave of GUSDT wealth mining machines!

With the explosive growth of the encrypted digital currency market, especially the repeated record highs of Bitcoin prices, the entire mining circle has gained a high degree of attention. In the bull market, both traditional capital and individual investors hope to enter the market and take a share in the upstream mining industry.

What’s worrying is that there is a dazzling array of cloud computing platforms on the market of GIBX IPFS, and there are very few that are reliable. The prices of mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and FIL are rising, and the cost of buying cryptocurrencies directly from the secondary market is even more expensive high. As the saying goes, speculating coins is not as good as tuning coins, and tuning coins is not as good as mining. Therefore, mining and hoarding coins in GIBX IPFS is the wisest choice in this market.

The environment in GIBX IPFS creates products, and the high threshold of mining prevents many investors. On the contrary, it is precise because of this high threshold that the low strategy of “cloud computing power” corresponding to mining emerges at the historic moment.

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