The Exponential Rise of GIBX GUSDT

From the beginning of 2021, Bitcoin will rise like a raging fire, and it has the momentum to open the bow without turning back. It really robbed all the limelight of Defi.

Recently, the unwilling Defi ecological application is also gearing up, and many high-quality projects have been launched one after another.

Among them, what can be called a major Defi event in 2021 must be the news that the GIBX GUSDT will be launched in May.

Global Investment Bank Exchange (abbreviation: GIBX) is an international comprehensive Internet brokerage under GIB Global Investment Bank & Capital Trust. It is affiliated with AFF Financial Holdings Group and provides more than 200+ trading products such as foreign exchange, futures, currency, and digital currency., Allowing customers to invest in multiple types of financial products through one account, truly realizing one-click investment in the world with GIBX GUSDT.

Traditional financial foreign exchange is the creditor’s rights that can be used when the balance of payments of GIBX GUSDT deficit is held by the monetary administration, bank deposits, Treasury bills, long- and short-term government securities, and other forms. In the international arena, many people have experience in foreign exchange speculation. Because foreign exchange has the advantages of fast transaction speed, T+0 transaction, two-way transaction, etc., it is very popular with the public.

However, the traditional foreign exchange industry also has its drawbacks and has been criticized by the public.

And GIBXchange will converge the two hot areas in GIBX GUSDT, and it will seize the opportunity to introduce top resources, which will create millions of times the value!

Low entry requirements, strong liquidity, 24-hour operation, high leverage, low transaction costs, and no-owner operation are the best tools for you to realize your dreams and freedom of wealth! GIBXchange’s perfect combination of the huge foreign exchange market and blockchain technology is enough to prove the forward-looking and potential of GIBX GUSDT!

The new generation trading system of GIBXchange adopts advanced FX Yield Manager engine, trading, and data visualization applications, providing trading, market data, charts, and analysis functions, which can be customized according to your needs, bringing more simple and easy-to-use users Experience. According to the company, this is the first foreign exchange risk management suite that provides foreign exchange banks and brokers with all the functions they need to enable them to provide customers with world-class market-making services with GIBX GUSDT. Powerful analysis tools enable them to divide and analyze customer instruction streams, and the automatic risk repository with real-time hedging function enables them to increase revenue. The unique embedded risk control panel provides real-time and historical market risk and return data for all channels and currencies.

The decentralized exchange built with the GIBX GUSDT smart protocol as the core strengthens the performance on the chain and reduces transaction costs. It uses heterogeneous relay cross-chain technology to provide the GIBX GUSDT’s on-chain matching transaction engine with an ecological integration of cross-chain interoperability. Functions, performance, and high concurrent and complex computing capabilities are guaranteed. It is a decentralized exchange in a true sense.

According to the previous rise logic of GIBX GUSDT, the rise of platform currency is concentrated in terms of handling fees and platform currency functions. But as Bitcoin and Ethereum breakthrough historical highs, and after Bitcoin and Ethereum have taken the lead for a period of time, investors will turn their attention to other areas, and the rotation of platform currencies is also expected. With the fermenting of the bull market sentiment, the platform will often lead the rise. In addition, as more funds from outside the circle enter the market, it is easy to push up prices.

GIBXchange, which is at the forefront of the world, will adopt multi-chain technology and simultaneously access multiple public chains such as BSC and HECO to solve Ethereum’s high GAS fees and transaction congestion. At the same time, the DEX developed by it will adopt LP Token pledge mining. Model, through composability, to achieve liquidity sharing, and to establish a decentralized GIBX GUSDT pool simultaneously in Uniswap, Sushiswap, ZKSwap, BSC’s Pancake, Bakeryswap, Dodo, etc., to attract more DEX liquidity providers participate in it, Let the liquidity of major DEX pave the way for it, and become the place where the liquidity of the Defi market converges.

As the place where DEX liquidity in the market converges, GIBXchange first provides the liquidity providers of the majority of head DEX with an opportunity to earn platform governance currency GIBX GUSDT. This means that when the liquidity providers are in Uniswap, SushiSwap, After ZKSwap and others have completed the liquidity provision of GIBX GUSDT against USDT, with their LP Token, they can also participate in the five major pools of foreign exchange, funds, precious metals, indices, and stocks on GIBXchange’s DEX. The entire process, GIBX GUSDT will serve as the primary platform for governance and pledge currency and will provide and import huge traffic for it. At that time, the price of GUSDT will climb the moon, allowing investors to maximize the possibility of income.

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